Welltory is free as a basic version

  But Welltory is aiming to bring this kind of monitoring to the masses.
  Competitors in this space are usually hardware-based, such as the aforementioned WHOOp (which is a $500 device) and Firstbeat, which has several hardware partners.
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  Welltory is free as a basic version, but the paid version of the Welltory app has a Quantified Self Dashboard, which lets users collect data about their lifestyles.
  It also can be synced with fitness trackers and Fitbits, Apple Health and Google Fit to collect data about sleep, nutrition and physical activity. It also supports RescueTime (a desktop-

based productivity tracker), home weather stations that track your surroundings and more.
  Over time it generates charts for you to work out correlations between behaviors. So for instance, you can see if walking an extra mile a day helps stress levels, or see if meditation

sessions are affected by the weather that day.
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  Jane Smorodnikova, co-founder, says the “Quantified Self” remains a mystery to most, so bringing all the data together in one interface helps explain it. “They can see how their

activity influences their stress, how many hours of sleep they need to recover properly and what lifestyle habits influence their productivity at work. Stress and energy measurements is the key

that connects the dots of your lifestyle data and makes it easy to get real insights.”
  Welltory says it currently has 125,000 users and 650,000+ heart rate variability measurements. It’s also got a healthy growth in paid users.
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  Co-founders Alexander Lyskovsky, Jane Smorodnikova and pavel pravdin are all quantified self aficionados who come from engineering backgrounds who wanted an approach based on science and

hard data. They were advised by professor Roman Baevsky, a space medicine expert who is currently a consultant at NASA and the Mars 500 project, who applied heart rate variability to the space

program in the 1960s.