very easy to continue adding features

  Swarm has been through a lot of changes since it launched in May 2014.
  The app, which originally debuted as a social utility to let people check-in to locations and meet up with their friends, has since shifted to a gamified location-sharing app. Today, the company is looking to revamp the app once again, with a new focus on lifelogging.

  So much of our lives is now contained within searchable data. We store our memories in Instagram and Facebook, revisit our years-old micro-thoughts on Twitter, track our health with apps like Clue and FitBit, and the list goes on and on. Swarm, with the launch of version 5.0, wants to be the best at telling you about where you’ve been in the real world.
  That starts with a brand new home page, simplifying the app considerably. The old Swarm launched you into a page with five tabs at the bottom and two tabs at the top, offering the ability to look at your own check-ins as well as the check-ins of your friends.
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  Now, the home screen has just three tabs: Me, Check-in, and My Friends.
  “Historically, our biggest challenge has been to make things simpler as opposed to more complex,” said Foursquare cofounder and Executive Chairman Dennis Crowley. “It’s very easy to continue adding features, but we challenged ourselves to remove 70 percent of the complexity from the app so that users can understand it right away.”
  Swarm 5.0 launches directly into the profile (Me) tab, with an interactive map at the top showing you exactly where you’ve been. At a glance, I can see that I’ve been to 671 places across 77 categories, making up a total of 1,277 check-ins.
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  Below the map, you’ll find your own timeline of events, including who was there with you and how many coins you received. More importantly, however, the profile page offers a fantastic search tool. Users can search by friends they checked in with, city, category, or even the type of restaurant.