The advantage of board type furniture

The surface of solid wood furniture is besmear with all kinds of paint, paint can oxidize gradually in air occurrence yellow change phenomenon, the surface still can lose burnish, do rise more trouble, and the surface of board type furniture is decorated with the tripolycyanamine grease of fire resistance, wear-resisting, acid-resisting alkali, not yellow change, not be out of shape.
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The advantage of board type furniture

Environmental protection

The base material that good board type furniture USES is high grade wood shavings board, its use glue environmental protection sex is high and with glue quantity is little, basically rely on high pressure to make raw material one time, the surface USES environmental protection melamine fire prevention material, do not have any volatile gas to release. The surface of real wood furniture is to spray all sorts of paint, and paint is to contain formaldehyde, benzene to wait harmful gas, any kind of paint contains these harmful gas, just how many problem. Inferior real wood furniture is to use the paint that does not reach the mark at all more, the furniture that makes some still have apparent pungent odour to use a few years still.
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Wear resistance

Melamine resin is very hard, general metal will not scratch on it, and paint is a soft material, easy to be scratched, not wear-resistant.

Fire retardancy

Melamine resin itself is a fireproof material, not combustion. paint, on the other hand, is a combustible material, not fireproof Cochrane review.

Acid-proof alkaline sex

Melamine resin has a certain acid - alkali resistance, general acid - alkali will not damage its surface. The physical properties of oil are not very stable, easy to be burned by acid alkali, loss of surface brightness and even paint.

Here's a look at the pros and cons of solid wood furniture:

Advantages of solid wood furniture:
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After the painting of solid wood panels, the surface is free from the unevenness of gluing joints and slats, and the physical performance is relatively stable in the long-term use process.