digestion and absorption of food

  Each morning, the middle, after dinner each knead one time, each time about knead 5 minutes, can achieve the auxiliary treatment ulcer disease goal. Because the occurrence of gastric
ulcer disease is related to gastric acid secretion. Often knead abdomen, can promote prostaglandin secretion increase, prevent gastric acid excessive secretion, prevent canker disease.
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  Eliminate constipation a lot of people who have constipation do not like to take medicine, some medicine is good, do not take medicine the disease return to starting point again, form

dependence. Actually can try to knead the abdomen, let the body restore own function.
  Knead abdomen can increase abdominal muscle and intestinal smooth muscle of blood flow, increase the gastric wall muscle tension and lymphatic system function, so as to strengthen the

digestion and absorption of food, significantly improve the peristalsis of the large intestine function, which have the effect of promoting defecation, to prevent and eliminate constipation, in

particular for the elderly.
  Strong and handsome to lose weight As the saying goes: "people to 45, belly out drum", especially some middle-aged women, big belly, and when she was young posture, totally changed, this

is not only bad for their health, but also affect the body shape is beautiful.
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  According to TCM, the spleen and spleen are the source of qi and blood biochemistry, and the main causes of obesity are spleen loss and qi stagnation. Therefore want to lose weight,

first when from the spleen regulation. According to kneading abdomen, through the movement of the abdomen, can strengthen the spleen to help transport, reduce the qi and blood of the

  When the stomach is strong and weak, it can be eaten specially, but it is still thin, small and yellow. Children can eat and cannot digest, just like the products processed in the

factory can not sell, the time has accumulated to that, so they will also eat.
  Can try rubbing abdomen, the method of the child's stomach and intestine in the belly, also is the child's abdomen, clockwise rubbing his belly to the child, the child immediately feel

comfortable many, than eat disappear of be good at medicine works.
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  Knead abdomen regimen in appropriate choices before before going to bed at night and get up in the morning, when knead abdomen shoulds not be too hungry or too full, urinating and

emptying, abdominal malignant tumors or gastrointestinal perforation, internal bleeding, or peritonitis ban knead abdomen in the acute appendicitis. When kneading the stomach, should take the

supine position, the right palm to press clockwise around the belly button, first from the belly button to start the circle, a circle to gradually expand, until the whole abdomen. When kneading

the abdomen, you need to exert a lot of effort, and the number of times can be more or less. After dozens of times, the left hand should be rotated in the opposite direction, which is repeated

dozens of times. The key is that it will take years to make a difference.