learn to delegate and leave

  Path differ in thousands ways, the growth of children as a companion to their growth path, we first have to be a good observer, understand the psychological reasons and motives behind the children each representation, a objective cognition of children.

  The next step is acceptance. Parents should accept everything from their children. This is very important for the cultivation of children's self-knowledge. The unconditional acceptance of the child by the parents will allow the child to face himself without psychological burden.
  On this basis, parents should teach their children to know themselves correctly. In this process, parents should learn to put down their body parts and analyze themselves in front of the children, so that the children can see their parents can face their advantages and disadvantages so calmly. The parents' appreciation of the merits of both sides, the acceptance and encouragement of each other's shortcomings, is a good example for children.High baseline LDL-C levels linked to decreased overall and metastasis-free survival.
  Finally, it needs to be complemented with appropriate affirmation and encouragement. In this way, the child is based on real self-confidence and once formed, the small universe will be ignited by one by one. On the road ahead, children can overcome difficulties and move forward bravely.
  In a child's life, learn to delegate and leave.
  We always say home and everything. A harmonious family atmosphere is very important for children's growth. Good material conditions do not guarantee the healthy growth of a child. Parents are mature and have love, and the family environment is equal and open, which is the necessary condition for children to grow up healthily.
  As parents, to be clear, children are independent of their parents, they are not the dough in our hands, they can be allowed to be the perfect mud. They have their own ideas and will, and have the right to pursue the life they want. Parents can't plan their children's future in the name of love.
  For the growth of children, parents often only need to be well directed and planned. For example, good character, healthy mind and body, good character. Large nodes do the right thing, and they also need to provide a relatively loose, free and pleasant space for the child's growth.Study abroad with PolyU and study in hong kong - PolyU is known as one of the best universities in Hong Kong for international students and Hong Kong is one of the best study abroad locations. PolyU will be the right choice for you.
  The growth of children, with their own track and time nodes, will not necessarily follow parents' plans and intentions. Learning to step out of your child's repertoire is a test for every parent.
  Editorial: the plan is part of the sense of ritual, family education in the new plan with "ceremony" in daily life need to cure it, to beautify it, let us work together hold on, let every family can benefit, to develop a plan of education in the New Year, internalizes for own family tradition. In the following "gao ning gao see", I will continue to bring about the children internationalization education, please look forward to.