No pain in the neck or thyroid cancer

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No pain in the neck or thyroid cancer
Shanxi medical university first hospital otolaryngology professor wen tree letter, long in the neck of painless "bumps", is most likely a thyroid nodule, including nodular goiter and thyroid cyst, inflammatory nodules, benign tumor nodules and malignant tumor nodules (thyroid carcinoma), etc. Many patients were diagnosed with advanced thyroid cancer by unintentionally finding the anterior cervical mass or cervical lymph node enlargement and going to the hospital. Fortunately, thyroid cancer is not scary, it is slow, it is less malignant, and it can be cured before the age of 45.
A large knot or papilloma of the base of the tongue
Normally, a person's tongue root is a small knot, pink ones are taste buds, can feel sour and sweet and bitter. If there is a large but no uncomfortable symptom, or sometimes mild discomfort, it may be the lingual part of the lymphoid tissue, also known as the lingual tonsil, which needs no treatment at this time.
But if the knot is large and accompanied by pain or bleeding, you should go to the hospital and take biopsy to see if it is a tumor. Benign papilloma mainly, surgical excision or laser treatment is ok. If it is malignant, it is necessary to have surgery or surgery, chemotherapy and other treatments.
A subcutaneous knot or sarcoidosis
Sarcoidosis not only invades a person's lungs, it can also invade a person's nose, eyes, brain and other important organs, and may even form a knot of nodules under the skin of the human body. These lumps are generally painless, so they can grow for years without being noticed. Many people until the pulmonary symptoms such as cough, chest tightness, fatigue didn't go to a hospital checking, subcutaneous nodules excision biopsy prompt granulomatous lesions, as a result, doctors combined with lung is clear for sarcoidosis. The person that meets subcutaneous nodules commonly, recommend to go to hospital to check, do an enhancement CT is best.
Anus "small knot" or anal papilloma
Some patients have a foreign body feeling in the anus, and have always thought that they are hemorrhoids. After waiting for a medical treatment, only found out that the anus of hemorrhoids has been out of the body is anal papilloma, the diagnosis is rectal cancer.
Clinically, 61% of colorectal cancer is developed from anal papilloma. Due to the increase of age, the immune ability of the body to the tumor is decreased, there is inflammatory stimulation, there is papillary hyperplasia, again encounter sensitive body, hyperplasia of hyperplasia of the nipples is extremely cancerous change possibility!